What We Are
FiberExtend is a product branding of fiber optic transceiver module, comes with a very unique engineered solution brought forth Omni-vendor Compatibility to fiber optic transceiver marketplace.
Product Philosophy
Strive to be the first creating an omni-vendor compatible concept applied to fiber optics transceiver module devices.
Products & Services Commitment
Committed to an extension of pre-sales & post-sales support & solution delivery.
About FiberExtend
The sole supply of the Omni-vendor Compatible Fiber Optic Transceiver Modules i.e. compatible with many major original transceiver makers.
Product-Market Fit
The Product is matching the market needs i.e. the demand of universal interoperative features & functions, and yet avoidance of the vendor-dependent price paid for.
Products & Services Assurance
Your investment is assured & protected because of the omni-vendor compatibility by nature couple with assurance of lifetime usability of the product invested.
Why FiberExtend
Products & Services Strength
Be Part of Us
We most welcome who are interested to be part of us as a business partner with a project on-hand in reselling basis.